Ikamos; his life.

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Ikamos; his life.

Post by Rashgarroth (Rogmar) on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:17 pm

At the beginning og the third war, two little baby boys were born.. One of them was Ikamos, the other, his twin: Phenrig. The two boys were inseperateable, until the age of 13.. Ikamos started getting a lust for death and destruction, while Phenrig remainded as pure as ever. At the age of 20. Ikamos had been secretly studying the dark arts of the Warlock's for 3 years. And Phenrig had been sent off to a mage master in Silvermoon. As Silvermoon was assaulted by the Scourge, Ikamos thought Phenrig dead... Him and his parents was still alive though, they recided in The Hinterlands. Soon though, Ikamos saw it fitting to slaughter his parents, so that he could claim his father's spell book... Ikamos' father aswell was a Warlock, and with his father's spell book Ikamos easily mastered the skills of the Warlocks, and soon became one of strongest Warlock during that time, soon enough though, Phenrig found him, shocked by the murder of his parents, Phenrig imprisoned Ikamos in a realm Phenrig had been studying, and then faded off aswell...

50.000 years later (IC'ly present time) Ikamos awoke, the prison being gone. He ventured into the world, and quickly found out that the power he wielded 50.000 years ago, was nothing in this realm. He ventured off and eventualy wounded up joining The Forbidden. At one point he discovered two beings, Putrud and Keth'zulad, who were battling in the city of Deaths Ocean. After watching Putrud's destructive power, and everyones hesitation to get involved, he saught out at the Dark Portal Putrud, pleading to become his apprentice. Putrud charged him with the task of aquireing the Heart of Glacies Flax, he failed at this task. Phenrig arrived and channeled the magic in Dalaran to temporarely slow him down. As he confronted Putrud in Outland, he learned that Putrud had aquired the artifact himself. To his liking, Putrud still accepted him as his apprentice, and then empowered him. The first thing Ikamos did was to travel out into Outland, and found some Doomguard's, he enslaved a minor army of them. It wasnt soon before Ikamos got word that Erebos had been compromised by The Forbidden, Ikamos betrayal was yet to be revealed. He got a hold of Vathirumus and demanded that he took him to Erebos, only to be teleported to Karazhan and meet with a Etheral Spirit named '' Revenant '' who took him to Erebos, who was hiding in a small abandoned village. Ikamos told Erebos about her child lich, Thar'zulad, being aware of her betrayal. Erebos informed Ikamos that Putrud already had plans for him, Ikamos offered to capture Thar'zulad and take him to Outland. Erebos accepted and Ikamos left, back in the city Ikamos tried to persuade Thar'zulad into following him, but failed. He killed one of Vathirumus Necromancer's and chased Thar'zulad all the way to the Bonfire of Haunting Memories. There he faught a relatively easy battle against Coheavus, it ended up in Coheavus magic being severly weakened and Thar'zulad's abduction.

Back in Outland, Ikamos presented Thar'zulad to Erebos, who greeted him emotionless. Soon enough Ikamos contacted Putrud, and soon after Putrud arrived. He started empowering Thar'zulad, after much protest from him, significantly, Erebos and Ikamos joined in at Putrud's invitation, and soon enough Thar'zulad was bigger and stronger than ever. He quickly adapted to his newfound power and finaly laughed.

The next day Ikamos arrived in Deaths Ocean, keeping a keen eye out for Coheavus, however it wasnt long until the Lich arrived and it broke out in another battle. This time Coheavus expected some of Ikamos' attack's and the battle raged for a little longer. A shade tried to intervene twice, but he was no match for the two, eventually Ikamos got tired of Coheavus' games and severed his essence after destroying his protective shield. After Coheavus' defeat Nehemus quickly assaulted Ikamos, but his efforts was proven futile, as Ikamos withstood everything, and vice versa. Soon enough though, as Ikamos was about to defeat Nehemus. Something disrutped him and a figure appeared, Ikamos was shocked at his presence but shook it off, and started a fight. The figure easily survived everything Ikamos threw at him and fianlly, threw a beam of pure and clean energy at Ikamos, defeating him as if he was nothing, Ikamos last words was '' This is your last.. Victory, Phenrig... '' before he disappeared. Who is this Phenrig? Does he have a deeper connection to Ikamos than shown? Time will tell...
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