DEATH to Rambi!

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DEATH to Rambi!

Post by Grand Templar Zenn on Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:17 pm

Right, here is a sad tale of a dog named Rambi.

Once apon a time, there was a Dog named Rambi owned by a guy named David McBrown, who played a pawn of Kevonus on his WoW game. David loved that dog not as a pet, but family. Ever since his age of Thirteen, he's had this dog, But one fateful day came to hand. While taking a walk down the street of his hometown, at the Age of Seventeen, Rambi and him are approached by a slow moving vehicle. Him and Rambi rush into a Neighborhood that can only be accessed by cars on the opposite side. A Man comes out of the Car from previous mention, and pulls out a Knife. Rambi and David are alerted and rush to their house, The man sprints to David and Rambi, but failed when they entered the house. The Man was persistant, he didn't give up, he began climbing up to My Bedroom Window(How I'll have no idea) David is inside the house calling 911 just then he hears the growling of the Man, rushing down the stairs. Rambi leaps at the man before David is harmed, and Seeths his teeth into his hand. The Man's hand Bleeds and gushes fron the dog opening a large wound. The Man kicks the dog away from his hand, looking for the Knife he dropped. David takes action, He slams his heel on The mans head, Then gives him a few rounds of Clobbering from his fists. Now there is an Unconsious man on Davids floor, as he finishes calling 911. But all was at loss for this encounter, As he saw Rambi wimpering on the wall, with a hurt and sad look. David takes Rambi to the Vet after consulting with the officers, But it was too late. David sleeped teary eyed that night.

The End. Crying or Very sad

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