The Bonfire of Haunting Memories

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The Bonfire of Haunting Memories

Post by Nimorrax on Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:48 pm

This curious Bonfire in the middle of Death's Ocean... When you focus your eyes into it, your most haunting and terrible memories are brought back to you... You feel as if you are pulled into the lifeless black within, forced to watch and do nothing as these memories come into play. You have the ability to escape should you look away... Unless you focus too hard... Focusing to hard will cause you to be lost within your memories for years... To others, it would look like mere seconds of you blacking out. How this Bonfire works is unknown to even the greatest magical being in existence. All that you must know is, do not stare into this bonfire unless you're prepared for the worst outcome... It is said those who focus hard enough... Too hard, may be risking their lives, they can die in their memories should they focus this hard. The Bonfire of Haunting Memories, an ever-burning fire never to be put out...

Your deepest, darkest, most haunting memories... Revealed.

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Re: The Bonfire of Haunting Memories

Post by Velex the Forgotten on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:46 am

<looks into the fire as the memory of his old job as a janitor at the local strib club. Velex shivers.>
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