Seishou, head of Shadow Ops.

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Seishou, head of Shadow Ops.

Post by Azaxle on Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:33 am

Seishou is a name that sparks fear in the hearts of the Forbidden's enemies, for a good reason. With the powerful Shadow Ops behind him, his reach is unlimited. Having risen in their ranks, the leader of Shadow Ops was not always the deadly tool of Death as he is now, but once, he was a child in Goldshire, son to a farmer. He was small for his age, and very skinny, and his name was Leland Gaunt. Most of the time, he was studying for his school work instead of outside playing games. day while he was trying to get something from a high shelf in the basement, he heard some screams from outside. He looked out the basement window to see his beloved Goldshire under attack by the vicious horde, he stayed hidden in the basement, gazing out over the his left, his mother was ravished and then killed, his right, his father tried desperately to save his younger brother and sister, but was killed in the process. He watched, horrified, unable to look away as everyone and everything he loved burned...until the alliance military arrived on scene. They flanked and then routed the horde invaders, killing every last one of them. One of the dying orcs spotted him in his little window...and began to crawl toward him...first throwing a rock to break the glass. Then everything went black.

When he awoke, he was in the alliance barracks, with a medical team looking over him. He noticed they were all staring at his he reached and hand up and felt his discover a gnarled and fresh wound stretching from his temple to his lower jaw on the right side. He felt the stitches and then looked around the room, he spotted an alliance soldier watching over him with some papers in hand. Those papers turned out to be adoption papers since Seishou was now an orphan. The soldier's name was Corporal Leland Gaunt. And he ran the stormwind guard. Soon enough, Seishou learned to sort of like his new father, mostly out of respect for saving him. Seishou was determined to become even better though...he would have to please his new father.

At the age of 20, Seishou was captain of his own alliance navy vessel with the rank of Master Sergeant. He led a small fleet and was known to be able to shoot and kill the enemy captain before they were even in cannon range. As his life went on, he sank a total of 17 horde ships before he was ordered to go north with the main fleet in search of some demon or another...once they got there, a crazy prince burned their ships in the water and they were stranded...he and his men were looking for a possible shelter when they were ambushed by the native nerubians...he and his men lived, though they were weakened, and he retreated to the wrecked hull of his ship. There, they staved off nerubian attacks for a full weak. Soon enough, Seishou ran out of ammo for his gun, and he had lent his sword to his first mate...who was missing, most likely dead. He resorted to tying a pair of nerubian fangs on each on his hands, and used those to kill any stragglers. He had 3 men left, and they used hit and run tactics to fight the nerubians...eventually, they were ambushed and overwhelmed...but instead of eating Seishou, the un-scourged nerubians gave him a burial in a frozen honor of his battle prowess, and in fear that if they ate him, he would possess their bodies.

The next time he saw the light of day was millenia into the future. He looked down at his leather armor and saw it was tinted blue with mold and ice...he also saw that no matter how hard he rubbed, the ice would remain...he was wearing a burial hood and cloak, and looked around him. There were scourge necromancers surrounding him, at first, he got up as commanded, then looked down at his hands...the fangs were still there. As though those contained the haunting memories of his humanity, he went into a rage and slaughtered the necromancers, running off into the cold northern wastelands. After days, weeks, months of travel, he encountered a small town, wearing a large cloak and the hood, he went into the town and snuck onboard the nearest vessel...when they docked, he was in Stormwind again. His first instinct was to go to his house...which was still there, but owned by someone else...this he took in stride. So he went to see his woman...when he inquired to HER whereabouts, he was told by a young girl that the name was the same name as her ancestor...Seishou understood. He had been dead a very, very long time. He wandered about for awhile...keeping the same leather he wore as a ship captain, still stained blue with mold and the un-melting ice...He had been sighted in many towns and was given the nickname "Icewalker" and adopted it...he liked the ring of the title. Just as he liked Icewalker, he liked Seishou, which is what a terrified eastern human screamed at him as he ransacked his caravan for food. After many years of limbo...he encountered a promising individual...the undead offered him a position in an "organization" as he called it. With one circumstance, that he swear fealty to the undead wanderer. Seishou did. He was desperate and needed food...he would live on, but the empty feeling annoyed him. He also needed more alcohol, as that was the only thing getting him by these days. He was taken to a large city, hidden away from the rest of the world, and was introduced to the rest of his "organization". He was taken in warmly, until the undead wanderer looked at him and demanded one thing: He must kneel, or he will not be permitted within the city. And so Seishou kneeled before his new master, who he would come to know as Lord Nimorrax. With his new "family" and a pair of devilish fist-weapons, he trained...and trained...

Seishou is the most powerful undead that cannot wield magic, Nimorrax excluded, and the young Ace rivals him in skill...barely. He wields the Shadow Ops as he wields his weapons, Grief and Misery...with an iron grip and intent to kill.

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