Acez's back story

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Acez's back story

Post by Acez on Sat Feb 13, 2010 10:20 pm

Acez (also known as Kayoss and Racid) is a undead that is a shady member of the Forbidden. He has grown up as a SI:7 member and has encountered many enemies in his life time. He's currently being hunted by Rixous (His own brother) that's a bounty hunter that never cared about Acez. His sister was killed by his own village and Acez currently mounrs her death. Before rejoining he was a shady gambler that lived in the sewers of cities for many years. One day he was ambushed by many ogres that dragged him all the way to Deadwind. He has seen so much horror that his mind was dark and he beleived that there was no good or joy in the world. He met a elf that the ogres use for pleasure (Rape doll) and befriended her in the dark times. She escaped leaving Acez a note saying to find her in Tirisfal one day. Acez became a insane killer and was determined to get out. Many years passed and he encountered a Shadow OP named Seishou. His old friends rescued him, but Acez was still a insane evil minded thing. Seishou gave up on him and left him with the apothecaries. The apothecaries took so many months to cure such a mental situation. Acez was back..But his idea that the world is just a place with no love and no mercy continues on in his mind..He shunned everyone he knew for that he thought they would betray him one day. He trusted no one and told this to Seishou. They were a bit shocked to know that they can't see the old Acez..or Kayoss or Racid..People began to wonder what will convince him to become such a person he once was. Acez just befriend but never trust. It's rare for him to regain such a just trust and beleive that SOMEWHERE in the world there is love, happiness, and Mercy. So will the forbidden ever get the Acez who always played jokes and love every morsel of life? We will all see if he can accomplish and over rule such grim feelings. cat

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