Jeremic - His story

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Jeremic - His story

Post by Nimorrax on Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:28 am

The past of this fierce warrior is truly unknown to even himself. All that they know is that he is a deadly warrior on the face of the earth and that he somehow ended up with a contract in his hands. The contract? Whoever owns this contract controls the wrath of Jeremic. Where the owner goes, Jeremic follows. What the owner tells him to fight, Jeremic -kills-. Contracts have been bought off owner by owner... Each owner to meet the same demise every previous owner met: Death. Jeremic is currently in the hands of a new owner... An owner he for some reason puts his trust into, someone in conflict with the Forbidden, Jeremic's most hated enemy. Zenn. Zenn controls everything Jeremic does. Asking Jeremic a question will only result in him responding with "Talk to Zenn." (Fallout3stolenhaxftw.) Now Jeremic awaits the day he is led into a bloody battle to the death with the tainted ones... Just remember this story, for one day you might own this contract. You'll know what happens if you sell it... Beware.


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