Zultak - His story and The Zul'Amak Tribe

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Zultak - His story and The Zul'Amak Tribe

Post by Nimorrax on Wed Feb 03, 2010 11:23 am

Born and taken home, his mother and father were pleased with their baby boy Troll. Zultak. He was given this name by his father, at the age of 22, Zultak headed out to search for new means of jobs and tricks of the trade. Zultak learned the arts of the Shadow Hunter from his mother, whom at a later date he had slain and buried the corpse. His father was next on the list, his reason was unknown as to why he wanted to kill his parents. Zultak approached his father and drew his bow, in the blink of an eye, his father appeared behind him and put a sword through his chest... It didn't stop Zultak, struggling, he turned around and stabbed an arrow into his father's neck and collapsed. Later on, Zultak had awoken with a sword through his chest, he pulled the sword out in pain and screamed at the top of his lungs, quite the lucky Troll to survive. He threw the sword on the ground stabbing it into his father's corpse and then buried it. After quite some time, he found a band of Trolls and took it upon himself to be the leader of the Zul'Amak Tribe, life was good in the Ghostlands where the Zul'Amak lived... That is until the Forbidden came along and unleashed Voltanaras... Zultak's army was destroyed by the life-sucking beam and just barely escaped death... What a horror.

Now Zultak is recruiting new blood into his Tribe... Zultak craves revenge and wishes to wipe all other factions off the face of Azeroth and rule alone with his people. Swift death to any who would oppose, not even the Templars would stand in his way, not even the Forbidden... Not even... Kevonus. He will wipe the undead off the face of Azeroth and any who shall stand in his way, his order is supreme. Territory Wars is in motion, and it's time he unleashed his secret weapon... Fangy, the deadlist dinosaur on Azeroth...


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