The Templar Recruitment Macro's

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The Templar Recruitment Macro's

Post by Grand Templar Zenn on Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:20 am

This Thread is for those who are A Templar Soilder rank and Up.

Macro 1 will be your greeting Command before recruitment, I usually say "Welcome to the recruitment office for the templars, How may I aid you", but you can do somthing diffrent.

Macro 2 will be said if the Player you asked want's to be a Templar, basically it's for asking them that they have to take a test.

Macro 3 will be your first question: First question, What is OOC, and IC, and give me a quick Example of each.

Macro 4 will be the Second: Second Question. What are your Abillities in the field? How well do you think you'd be after a battle with one of our Enemies.

Macro 5 is the Third question: Third Question, What is Metagaming, IC Goddmoding, and Power Emoting? Give me aswell an Example of each.

Macro 6 will be the forth: Fourth Question. There is a Non-Guildmember in the Guild Phase doing crazy shit, what do you do and how would you do it?

Macro 7 is the Emotation test for the Recruitee, They will have to make an emote to either Dodge, Parry, block, or do somthing diffrent from the Emote YOU make to attack them. I mostley use this for the emote test:

*Takes out his Axe-Hammer and jumps over the Desk, bringing forth his Axe-hammer towards your Skull. What do you do?!*

But you can make up your own

Macro 8 will be the final question, PHEW!: Final Question. The Master Templars plan to throw over The Grand Templar from Leader, you overhear them Planning this. What will you do?

The Two last macro's You shall make will be For
Congratulations, You've Acquired the Privilege of being a Templar of Virtue. (( You are Expected to read the guild Info of Rules and other things. ))

DECLINED:I'm sorry, But you've not passed the test or have awnsered too little of questions Correct. Please, leave this place and return once you've learned better. Thank you for trying atleast.((Pease leave on your own, I do not want to force you to leave.))

That is all for now.
Grand Templar Zenn

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Re: The Templar Recruitment Macro's

Post by Aknot on Wed Feb 10, 2010 12:17 pm

Looks good, and thorough. Very Happy

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