Putrud - The Cause of it All

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Putrud - The Cause of it All

Post by Nimorrax on Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:47 pm

Only a few select people know the Nimorrax's murderer. Only a few people can stop him from whatever it is he is up to. Putrud is a powerful being capable of destroying an entire army with one blow... Or at least he possessed such magic before the Voltanaras incident when his runes were still blue. His runes became black after that incident, just outside of the gigantic necropolis, Vathirumus and Acez had woke up badly injured. A voice lingered from inside of Voltanaras and went inside to investigate. They reached the throne room which was on fire badly, only to find Nimorrax's mutilated body and Putrud finishing up his job, or so he thought. Putrud saw the survivors, and when Acez lunged at him hopelessly, he was grabbed by the throat and tossed at Vathirumus. Putrud left the two to burn in Voltanaras and left, he underestimated the undead. Acez and Vathirumus escaped, Putrud knew the moment they stepped out of Voltanaras and tried to confront them and failed.

Later on, Vathirumus and Acez were in Thelsamar planning a counter-attack and Azaxle, vice-lord of the Zul'amak Tribe showed up. He was met with insults by Vathirumus, Acez thought he and Vathirumus could need the help and had Azaxle join the cause. Little did they know, Putrud had been watching as an illusion this whole time and eventually revealed himself to the three. Vathirumus continued to taunt him and brought him out only to continue getting beat. Putrud said it was a waste of their time and he craved a challenge, he said that they must train and increase their power and challenge him to the death when they've been successful. Putrud left them, yet the two undead were stubborn and continued to try and think of traps, Azaxle had been sort of thinking of this power increasing thing but was led to follow the undead in their quest to kill Putrud through numerous traps.

Back in the fiery Plagued City, Acez and Vathirumus both searched for survivors, they found Seishou unconscious on his wolf. Vathirumus tended to him and the three headed to the graveyard to find Dethok dead. (They later revived Gloomy.) They then headed to see if Aman'Thuzal was alive, but he wasn't. Aman'Thuzal was dead with the other Liches... And finally, the one pride of The Forbidden that Acez went to go see if it was alive... Ketanagosa, she had been slain. Acez felt crushed, and Putrud appeared again to ask why they're all wasting time, Acez was too angry to even listen and attacked Putrud relentlessly, brutally, vengefully... Futile. Putrud walked to the entrance of The Forbidden's city with every bit of Forbidden member that could be mustered up and disappeared. They met Azaxle later on who didn't know exactly what happened and they went on from there, a plan was had to try and trap Putrud in a collapsing tower, it failed...

Putrud met the Forbidden members along the Deadwind road after escaping the collapsed tower to tell them they are going to be killed if they continue to waste time! Putrud headed off, everyone went to Duskwood and once again planned to trap him... BestBe helped out with it and had trapped Putrud in a runic circle and drained him of a great portion of his power, however, he unleashed a massive wave of energy and attempted to escape, BestBe, thinking quickly, mustered up another circle and summoned Putrud back, surprising him and drained him more, destroying his vessel. The Forbidden thinking they killed him finally, screwed up his body. However, the body began emitting energy waves, the group then decided to cave him in underground, they were unsuccessful and he had escaped.

BestBe was gone after all of these events and it was down to Azaxle, Acez and Vathirumus, even the mighty Mothrazor made an appearance to help out. They all went to the basement of a destroyed tavern to plan, Vathirumus still being a stubborn fool began trying to call Putrud out underground, it didn't work until they went to the surface where when he was summoned, the four had been killed outright when he appeared in a quick succession due to the humiliation they put on him last time... The four found themselves in a new area that just so happened to be The Grim Reaper's Chambers... Walking out of a gate, The Grim Reaper greeted the four who then tried to bargain with him. They said in exchange for their souls, they will get him one powerful soul. Putrud's Soul. The Grim Reaper was inclined to agree and has granted them a week to destroy Putrud once and for all, or forever be damned to Hell. So it begins...


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Re: Putrud - The Cause of it All

Post by Aknot on Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:13 pm

Not bad, infact that was great. Excuse me not being on due to my leg falling asleep due to Xbox360-atitus.

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