Shadowweaver Grenjar's Story

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Shadowweaver Grenjar's Story

Post by Grenjar on Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:25 am

Born and raised in Stormgarde, Grenjar was treated roughly. His parents kicked him out at the age of fifteen and he took his own path. He took care of himself and his only thoughts were to stay alive. He had to learn how to cook, make a campfire, and hunt. Four years later, Grenjar traveled to Stormwind and as he walked in he saw many wanted posters nailed along the walls. Soon after, Grenjar got a job and earned enough money to buy some leather armor and a decent sword. He then went out to hunt these criminals for a hobby/job. He soon became very good at what he did, and soon had a reputation for his skills. He then traveled from kingdom to kingdom gathering battle strategies for special clients. He continued this for years and years, after a while it was starting to bore him. At age twenty-four, he decided to take a very dangerous offer, one that payed well, but could cost him dearly. By the request of a client, Grenjar headed over to the Plague-Lands to spy on the Scourge. He stayed for a few days, listening daily to the conversations, nothing anything important that he heard. Once he gathered enough information he started the long journey back. On his way back though, he ran into a little trouble. He was overwhelmed by a large group of Scourge and killed. He was resurrected by the Lich King and put into his army. He remained in the Lich King's grasp for a time, but later broke free with others and took refuge with other Forsaken. He lived with them for a time, but did not find their plans very interesting and took his own path. He kept heading south until he ran into a Necromancer. The Necromancer offered to teach him the ways of the shadow and he gladly accepted for he had no where to go. He trained for thirty years in the ways of the shadows eventually becoming more powerful then the Necromancer and he killed him. Grenjar spent many years from that moment forward training in the ways of the shadow. He became a Shadow Weaver and gained the ability to create life out of shadow and take it away just as easy. Although he encountered a problem when he tried to imbue his sword with shadow making it much more powerful. The spell worked, but he was sucked within his sword. He started to rapidly age in the sword, ten minutes being a month. A little boy later found the sword and took it home to his parents who lived in the woods. The father examined the sword and saw the sword to be unholy. He tried to destroy it with his axe, but when he hit it, Grenjar was let out of the prison and slew the whole family. Now almost four hundred years old Grenjar is a master Shadow Weaver and looks to support those who might share the same thoughts as him.


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