Relisre's tale.

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Relisre's tale.

Post by Relisre on Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:52 pm

Relisre was once a low-class warlock in the service of the Alliance military. he knew a couple of summoning spell, and some rudimentary fire spells, but nothing special. Until one, fateful, bloody day...
It was an assault on Orgrimmar, and he was one of the vanguard to try and push into the city. As they charged in, there were none to meet them. in disbelief, they halted, which was their downfall. Hordes (boom boom) of archers appeared on the valley walls and began to rain arrows down upon them. Relisre, acting in desperation, formed a shield with his magic. It couldn't hold forever, and eventually a barbed arrow pierced the shield and hit him in the throat. He died choking on his own blood.

Shortly after, he became aware that he was in a shadowy realm, and there were murky shapes prowling around him. A laugh issued from behind him, and he spun on his heels to see what it was.
Death. Death itself was on it's throne, cradling it's scythe and grinning down with the leer of one who knows it's prey cannot escape. Death's scythe swung down to claim his soul, and in a panic, he threw himself backwards, landing in a pool of shadows. They enveloped him, covering him in hissing darkness. When he arose from the pool, a terrible aura of malice surrounded him and even Death cowered from him. he spoke a command, and a monstrous black staff rose up beside him, a glass orb blacked and dark.
He left that realm, finding his body in Orgrimmar, and bringing it back in a hideous parody of life. his first act was to murder the commander who sent him in with the vanguard, he made the man suffer horribly, tearing his innards out one by one, then absorbing the man's soul into his staff. He has killed many more over the centuries, and the phylactery atop his staff now glows a bright red, with thousands of souls inside it. If need be, he can absorb these souls to give him a huge increase in power, but his physical body cannot hold such a power, and will disntegrate if used for more than two minutes. Soon after, he learned of an organization going by the name of The Forbidden, and set off to seek them out. He now collects more souls than he ever did before as a member of The Forbidden, and his staff glows ever brighter.

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