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Story Ideas

Post by Nimorrax on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:28 pm

The DOs and DON'Ts. Or just because I'm bored. With random half-assed tiny text!


  • Include heavy detail in your story! If it's too much, add significant detail explaining what happened. unlike my story.

  • Ask someone for permission to reveal a secret, they might not want you to do add it just yet. Refer to Ikamos being a prick editing my story.

  • Space it out, if it's all scrunched up it can be a bitch to read it. My story does it, but has scrunched up parts.

  • Put questions in your story you already know the answer to. It keeps people wondering what will happen next. I do it a lot.

  • Go back and check for typos, getting them out of your story. Typos can be misleading.

  • Update your story often! Put in the parts of Rps that were good. People bug the SHIT out of me about it.


  • Minor detail. It's not really entertaining if there's not a whole lot there. Even though I do it sometimes.

  • Put secret information about someone else that they don't want revealed yet. Because Ikamos is a prick.

  • Scrunch it up. Really now, it's hard to find the next fucking line when it's like that. Srsly.

  • Colors. They're not fun. Don't do it. They hurt your eyes. Srsly. My eyes are bleeding!

  • Typos. Don't post it until you've punched each and every single typo in your story in the goddamn face with a rubber glove. Show those pandas you aren't screwing around!

  • Leave your story sitting. People won't see how awesome you are if you don't update. I'm pathetic though.


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